Charismatic Movement/Contemporary Chistianity
:: The Blind and the Dead - A documentary by Texe Marrs

Roman Catholicism (Romanism)
:: Romanism - 10 points for consideration (PDF)

Mormonism - The Church of the Latter-day Saints
:: The Bible Vs Mormonism
:: The God Makers Part 1
:: The God Makers Part 2

:: Mormonism - 10 points for consideration (PDF)

:: Freemasonary - From Darkness to Light??
:: The Light Behind Freemasonry - Bill Schnoebelen

Jehovah's Witnesses - The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society
:: Jehovah's Witnesses Exposed

:: Ten reasons why Jesus Christ is God (PDF) - Contary to what Jehovah's Witnesses teach, the Bible declaires that Jesus is the creator God in the flesh.

New Age + Hinduism
:: Gods of the New Age (1984) - Explores Hinduism and it's infiltration into modern society and thinking through the New Age Movement.

Neo-Darwinism + Atheism
:: Lectures by Creationist Dr. Kent Hovind
:: Privileged Planet
:: Inteligent Design - Unlocking The Mysteries Of Life.

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