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:: Twelve Triggers Driving Mankind Towards World Government (Infowars)

:: The Collapse of Nations All By The Hand Of Corrupt Bankers (International Forcaster)

:: Insider Leaks Reveal Full Bilderberg Agenda On War and Alternative Media (Infowars)

:: Lindsey Williams Returns: China Owns The United States (Infowars)

:: Bilderberg Agenda Revealed: Globalists In Crisis, Supportive Of Attack On Iran (Prison Planet)

:: Leaked UN Documents Reveal Plan For "Green World Order" By 2012 (Prison Planet)

:: From Global Crisis to "Global Government" (Global Research )

:: New EU Treaty Vote For Ireland (Sky News)

:: EU Maps Out Future Amid Setbacks (BBC)

:: Heathrow Expansion Protest - 'Inside Job' to Divert Attention from the EU Referendum Protest?

:: Call for school patriotism debate (BBC)

:: Gordon Brown and U.N. to Create New World Order (The Indepenent)

:: Brown signs EU Treaty as experts warn UK will surrender control of immigration (Daily Mail)

:: Brown under pressure over EU constitution after MPs rule it 'gives too much power to Brussels' (Prison Planet)

:: Bush Greases Skids For UN Pandemic Power Grab (Paul Joseph Watson - Prison Planet) - Bestselling author "wouldn't put it past" Globalists to release virus to capitalize on control

:: Europhiles join campaign for EU referendum (Telegraph uk)

:: EU treaty: the great double deception (London Telegraph)

:: EU/US Merger: New Global Order By Stealth (PrisonPlanet)

:: US and EU agree 'single market'! (BBC)

:: Dutch TV Coverage Exposing 2007 Bilderberg Conference

:: British MP Asking More Questions About Bilderberg

:: Romania and Bulgaria join the EU

:: Push for Austrailia and New Zealand union
Health Issues
:: Conclusive link now admitted: swine flu vaccine causes chronic nervous system disorders (Natural News)

:: Pasteurized Milk Linked to Cancer + GMO news (Infowars Nightly News)

:: Bill Gates wants to register all new babies on the planet for vaccines (Natural News)

:: Dr Wakefield demands retraction from BMJ after documents prove innocence from allegations of vaccine autism data fraud (Natural News)

:: Food firms spend millions to block food health warning labels (natural news)

:: McDonald's Happy Meal shows no sign of decomposing after SIX MONTHS (UK Daily Mail)

:: Anti-abortion billboard turning heads (SermonAudio)

:: Food: The Ultimate Secret Exposed (Infowars)

:: Brain Eating Vaccines: The Reality Behind The "Conspiracy Theory" (Infowars)

:: Research Links Genetically Modified Food To Long Term Sterility (Organic Consumers association)

:: Bill Gates: Use Vaccines To Lower Population (Prison Planet)

:: Yes, WHO Faked Swine Flu Pandemic and is Now Lying About It (Opposing Views)

:: Is Swine Flu A Biological Weapon? (Infowars)

:: Swine Flu in Mexico: The "New" Bird Flu (Dr Tenpenny)

:: Alex Jones on Coast to Coast AM: Baxter's Avian Flu (Infowars)

:: Vaccines as Biological Weapons? Live Avian Flu Virus Placed in Baxter Vaccine Materials Sent to 18 Countries (Natural News - Mike Adams)

:: Novartis nets bird flu vaccine deal (The News & Observer)

:: VITAL: Weaponized Avian Flu Intelligence Report

:: Joining the Deadly Dots ( - Rima E. Laibow, MD)

:: Speak Out Against Aspartame (Truth News US)

:: Medical researchers patented AIDS cure in 1990 (Online Journal)

:: Scientific Study Finds Fluoride Horror Stories Factual (Prison Planet)

:: Over 1,000 Professionals Call for an End to Fluoridation of Drinking Water (

:: Bush To Veto Ban On Mercury In Vaccines (infowars)

:: New fear over MMR link with rising autism (London Telegraph)

:: GM crops: 'Point of no return in ten years' (


:: 'Frankenstein food' crops could be here in two years (Daily Mail - 4th May 2007)

:: NM Aspartame Law Destruction Reflects Lethal Corp Greed
911 & US Terror
:: Al Qaeda: The Six Billion Dollar Ruse in the Global War on Terror (Infowars)

:: NEW VIDEO: Proof Bin Laden Death Another Gov't Lie (Infowars)

:: International Hearings on the Events of September 11, 2001 (The Toronto Hearings)

:: Alex Jones: Al-Qaeda created by CIA (Infowars)

:: Al-Qaeda 100% Pentagon Run (Infowars)

:: CIA Operative Appointed to Run al-Qaeda Connected Libyan Rebels (Infowars)

:: Clueless Patsy Set-up by FBI in Christmas Tree Bombing Plot (Infowars)

:: Conspiracy Fact: Every Major Terror Plot In U.S. Was Contrived (Prison Planet)

:: Attack in Austin: Outraged "Lone Wolf" or False Flag Op? (Infowars)

:: 1,000 Architects & Engineers Call for New 9/11 Investigation (911 Blogger / Infowars)

:: Media Pundits Back Away From 9/11 Debate With Sheen (Infowars)

:: Michael 'Savage' Weiner Predicts a 'Reichstag fire-like event' (Infowars)

:: Kucinich Calls For Congressional Investigation Into Cheney "Assassination Unit" (Infowars)

:: Cheney "Assassination Unit" Still Active Under Obama, Including Domestically (Infowars)

:: Larry Silverstein Sues Airlines for more billions from 9/11 (Associated Press)

:: 9/11/2008 Ground Zero 9/11 Truth March (Prison Planet)

:: Key Witness to WTC 7 Explosions Dead at 53 (Infowars)

:: Chris Matthews Gets Irritated with 9/11 Truth in Denver (Infowars)

:: Mark Dice On Fox Discussing 9/11 & Troops (YouTube - Faux News)

:: 9-11 Graffiti Around Bristol - UK (BBC)

:: Willie Nelson Interview Bound to Go Viral on YouTube (Infowars)

:: Psychotropic Drugs & Gun Free Zones Again The Cocktail For A Killer (Prison Planet)

:: The New Al-Qaeda: Blonde Haired, Blue Eyed Westerners (

:: NIST Admits Total Collapse Of Twin Towers Unexplainable (Prison Planet)

:: New Footage: CBS Anchor Said WTC 7 Collapse Resembled Demolition (Paul Joseph Watson - Prison Planet)

:: Marines Ordered To Execute Civilians In Nazi-Like Slaughter (Paul Joseph Watson -

:: Analysts Dismiss Suspicious "New 9/11" Trades (Paul Joseph Watson - Prison Planet)

:: US Opposition Political Leaders Issue Urgent False Flag Terror Warning (Paul Joseph Watson -

:: 9/11 Truth Events in New York to Be Biggest in History (

:: ST911 Scientist to Sue BBC for Public Deception (RINF Alternative News)

:: French official suggested Bush was behind September 11 (reuters)

:: Ron Paul Says Elements of Government May Stage False Flag as Pretext to Attack Iran (Infowars)

:: Neo-Con Threats Force Virgin To Pull Loose Change (Infowars)

:: FBI agent testifies he posed as al-Qaida recruiter in terror case (AP)

:: 9/11 Truther Next British Prime Minister?
UK Terror
World News
:: Ron Paul Wins RLC Straw Poll in a Landslide (New American)

:: Ron Paul Announces Presidential Run for 2012 (Daily Paul)

:: Fukushima Nuke Plant Now in Full Meltdown (Infowars)

:: Lindsey Williams: Insider Source Says Food, Gas Prices to Soar (Infowars)

:: Is Iran Playing Geopolitical Chess with 9-11, and Winning? (activistpost)
:: Large Protests, Extensive Media Coverage Signifies Awakening To Bilderberg Agenda (Prison Planet)

:: Secretive Bilderberg Club ready for protests (The Times Online)

:: Ian Paisley retires after 40 years (Reuters)
:: Palin: War with Iran would help Obama's re-election (Infowars)

:: For prosecution of Bush war crimes, planning begins (RawStory)

:: Alex Jones: Final Update from Denver (Infowars)

:: Ron Paul: "Some Big Events Are About To Occur" (Infowars/Youtube)

:: Home-school Germans Flee to UK (The Guardian)

:: Stop Blair: ambition to lead Europe hits fierce opposition (London Guardian)

:: Plague Hits Africa (Time Magazine)

:: CNN - Ron Paul receives most donations from our troops (CNN)

:: 666 Draws Comment in House of Commons (Newsday)

:: Al-CIA-Duh Claims Responsibility for Murder of Benazir Bhutto (Infowars)

:: Revolution, flashmobs, and brain chips. A grim vision of the future (London Guardian)

:: Rockefellers in Their Own Words (

:: Saddam Offered Exile, But Neo-Cons Unleashed Carnage Anyway (Prison Planet)

:: MSNBC: Libertarian Ron Paul has become 'an Internet sensation' (RAW Story)

:: Flying Robots Of Destruction (

:: Will Bush cancel the 2008 election? (Online Journal)

:: Bush like Hitler, says first Muslim in Congress (London Telegraph)

:: Beijing Guarantees Great '08 Olympic Weather (abc news)

:: Much of US favors Bush impeachment: poll (AFP)

:: Senator accuses Bush of being 'brain dead' (Raw Story)

:: Arnie last guest at No 10 as Blair heads for Middle East (

:: Blair set to clinch job as world's man in the Middle East

:: New presidential directive gives Bush dictatorial power (

:: Blair Quits - One War Criminal Down, A Fistful to Go (Prison Planet)

:: Brown makes pitch to lead Britain (BBC)

:: Putin Is Said to Compare U.S. Policies to Third Reich (Infowars)

:: Iraqis Say They Were Better Off Under Hussein

:: He takes his secrets to the grave. Our complicity dies with him - How the West armed Saddam, fed him intelligence on his 'enemies', equipped him for atrocities - and then made sure he wouldn't squeal.
World at War
:: Obama Launching World War III (Infowars)

:: Secret Weather Weapons Can Kill Millions, Warns Top Russian Politician (Infowars)

:: Former Libyan Al Qaeda Leader Says There Are 1000 jihadists Amongst Rebels (Infowars)

:: 6 Reasons To Start World War III If You Are A Globalist (Activist Post)

:: Iran says to unveil array of weapons next week (AFP)

:: Neocon Bolton Renews Call for Israel to Bomb Iran (Infowars)

:: 'Iran will blow up the heart of Israel' if attacked (Jerusalem Post)

:: Wayne Madsen: Why give Peace Award to man at helm of conflicts? (Russia Today)

:: Conflict Between Pakistan and India: Realizing RAND's Plan for World War Three (Infowars)

:: Biggest Newspaper In Holland Says Dutch Intelligence Helped Prepare Imminent Attack On Iran (Prison Planet)

:: Putin: U.S. Provoked Georgian Conflict (Infowars)

:: Support the Troops. (YouTube)

:: Russia's Medvedev warns Kosovo's independence could set Europe ablaze (Associated Press)

:: Opposition leader's assassination 'moves us closer' to potential nuclear apocalypse, expert says (RAW STORY)

:: UK Green Lights Iran Strike (

:: CNN: The war with Iran has begun (Live Leak)

:: Kissinger Admits Iran Attack Is About Oil (Prison Planet)

:: Staging Nukes for Iran? (No Quarter)

:: Ron Paul: Iran Attack On Within A Year (Paul Joseph Watson - Prison Planet)

:: Killing 10,000 Iraqis Every Month (CounterPunch)

:: Bush Authorises New Covert Action Against Iran (ABC news - 22nd May 2007)

:: US military strike on Iran seen by April '07; Sea-launched attack to hit oil, N-sites

:: Gates: Iran Is Target Of Military Build Up

:: Israel Denies Claims It's Preparing Nuke Attack on Iran

:: Revealed: Israel plans nuclear strike on Iran

:: 40% See 2007 War With Iran As Second Carrier Deployed

:: North Korea Prepping Nuclear Weapons Test

:: Are Bush and Cheney Planning an Early Attack on Iran?

:: Pentagon Navy buildup is a 'warning to Iran'
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