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Documentaries on 911 and Government Sponsored Terror
:: Terrorstorm - Government sponsored terrorism over the years. Very British orientated. Includes London 7/7 bombings and interviews with MPs and ex-Mi5 personel.

:: America - Freedom to Facism - Determined to find the law that requires Americans to pay income tax, Aaron Russo (THE ROSE, TRADING PLACES) sets out on a journey. Neither left- nor right-wing, this startling examination exposes the systematic erosion of civil liberties in America.

:: Loose Change - 2nd Edition - Popular 911 documentary (Slight foul language when interviewing firefighters. Parental Guidance)

:: Martial Law - 911:Rise of the Police State - An Alex Jones film. A very educational movie with some unmissable moments!

:: Painful Deceptions - Eric Hufschmid. Great film exposing the Official Story of 911

:: 911-Mysteries - Documentary 1: Demolitions - You will never view the collapse of the three towers the same after watching this documentary.

:: 911 - Road to Tyranny - Probes the motives and the plans of the global elite. Very interesting.

:: Matrix of Evil - There are some great moments and quotes in this movie.

:: 911 and the Evil in America - Documentary that apeared on the Sky News network. British TV personality Danny Wallace interviews Nick Levis, Alex Jones, Wayne Madsen, Don Paul, John Rappoport, Daniel Hopsicker and others on 9/11 skepticism.

Documentaries About the Occult
:: Dark Sectrets Inside Bohemian Grove - And you thought that the President of the USA was a Christian President... Think again!

:: The Order of Death - Follow-up to Dark Sectrets Inside Bohemian Grove. Chilling!

Educational Documentaries
:: Lectures by Creationist Dr. Kent Hovind - REALLY worth watching. Break out of the government propaganda of origins! Learn about health issues, money management and much much more!

:: Global Warming Swindle - Full Channel 4 documentary.

The End Times and the New World Order
:: EndGame - Blueprint for Global Enslavement - Latest movie from film maker Alex Jones. Covers the emerging global government and it's eugenics program.

:: EndGame 1.5 - - Material not included in the final cut of Engame

:: Megiddo - The March to Armageddon - Part one of the Megiddo series. This supurb documentary shows how the coming 'New World Order' fits in with Bible prophecy written thousands of years ago. Very educational.

Local/National Events
:: David Shayler and Annie Machon in Ipswich - Unspinning the Truth meeting held in Ipswich on 13/12/2006 at the Town Hall. Annie Machon and David Shayler speak about 9/11 and the bigger picture (organised by The Ipswich Truth Campaign)

Movies Trailers

:: America's Secret Beginnings - The New Atlantis?

:: America's Secret Beginnings - Riddles in Stone.

:: Sweet Misery - A Poisoned World - Health-wise this may the most important documentary you will ever see. Aspartame is a toxic poison that is found in many processed foods and fizzy drinks. Warn your family and friends!

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