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Global-Warning has inspected the following web-links for content and has concluded they are suitable. We can not be held responsible for any disagreeable content that may have been posted since.

Recommended General Information Sites
:: Infowars.com - 'The Site' for news and views.
:: PrisonPlanet.tv - The infowars sister site
:: WhatReallyHappened.com - Michael Rivero's truth site - Covers most things....
:: FreePressInternational.com - Another good site for News and views. Lots of interesting on-line video clips/documentaries etc.
:: SermonAudio.com - Great place for news and MP3 downloads on topical subjects.
:: RealityZone.com - Great place for DVDs and good information - especially from G. Edward Griffin.

Health Issue Sites
:: OasisOfHope.com - Hospital that can cure cancer.
:: ChildHoodShots.com - Review this information before you vaccinate!
:: Mercury Exposure.org - Much information here - personal experience - dental amalgam - mercury in the vaccines (Thimerosal) etc.
:: Fluoride Action Network - Find out the truth about fluoride.
:: Dorway.com - A world authority on Aspartame toxicity.
:: Mission Possible - One Woman's Mission to stop Aspartame (Dr Betty Martini).
:: Seeds of Deception - We need to stop these harmful Frankenstein foods! Take action now before they poison the earth! Also see responsibletechnology.org

911 Sites
:: NineEleven.co.uk - The British 9/11 Truth Campaign!
:: ReOpen911.org - A good 911 truth site
:: LooseChange911.com - Informing web-site of the 'Loose Change' movie
:: JournalOf911Studies.com - Includes research from world renowned physicist Dr. Steven E. Jones

7th July Bombing Sites
:: JulySeventh.co.uk - The July Seventh Truth Campaign - The People's Investigation into 7/7.
:: The4thBomb.com - Daniel Obachike: A survivor's account of the number 30 bus bomb.
:: Infowars 7/7 Data Page

Other Important Sites
:: Fire Fighters for Christ - A great place for free CDROMS and information.

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