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Are you beginning to wake up the truth behind global terrorism? Can you now see the rise of the police state in our land and the coming of a New World Order? This article is written for those who no longer trust the mainstream media, along with our top politicians, and want to do something to fight against those who are destroying our nation.

When the average citizen is presented with all the facts concerning global terrorism, their reaction is often one of shock, fear, outrage and a demand for justice. We as individuals must stand against tyranny. By not speaking out, by not doing at least something to spread the truth, we will be aiding the cause of this evil minority. Time is running out fast. More terror attacks of greater magnitude are coming in the near future, and will continue to come until good people wake up and stand up against the New World Order. This article is a rallying call to the silent majority. How long will you wait until you take action? Will you wait until all our freedoms are gone?

Here at Global-Warning, our standpoint is biblically based. We make no apology for our Christian stance, yet we are fully aware that not all users of our site are of like mind and persuasion. Below are ten clear points of advice that can be used by every British citizen, regardless of who they are or what they believe.

1. Arm yourself: Broaden your knowledge, and learn all you can about government sponsored terrorism, the coming one world government, one world religion, the New World Order, and the fulfilment of last days prophecies. The truth will set you free! Ignorance only strengthens the cause of the enemy. The New World Order is gambling on populations waking up too late in order for their plans to be stopped. Build up your own DVD/video collection, along with other books and materials. Keep up to date! Free your mind! Arm yourself with knowledge!

2. Get the bumper stickers: Available from (when you make an order they usually give you a few for free). We want to see hundreds and thousands of car owners making a public display of their having woken up to truth. What are the globalists going to do when every British citizen finds out about their hidden agenda? Get that sticker!

3. Keep it cool: Do not use what you have learnt as an excuse to break the law or treat the law with contempt. We seek to bring down the New World Order peacefully. We are pro government, pro law and order, and proud of our country's history of freedom of speech and liberty. Our stand is against the evil and corruption that is destroying our great nation. Continue to respect law and order. Don't lose your head!

4. Immediate contacts: Actively, persistently and patiently seek to wake up your friends, family, co-workers and any others that you have regular contact with. Why not circulate the copyright free DVDs? Why not have a DVD evening at your home or a friends house? Could you rent a village hall, or show the DVDs at your youth club? Time to get busy!

5. Band together: Work to form a core of like minded individuals. You will be more effective, and be greater encouraged if you form a group. Why not create your own website and organisation as we have? Unite!

6. Rock bottom: Don't be content with just looking into the truth behind global terrorism. Go deeper and deeper into the truth. We hope and pray you will discover the truth as we have, that our only hope is in "Jesus Christ, and Him crucified." Contact us, we want to help you. Truth never fears examination!

7. People Power: We want to see the whole of Great Britain awakened to the truth. Contact us and request the copyright free DVD master copies that we can supply you with for free. You will then be able to copy your own disks, and begin your own distribution. Reach out!

8. Big Ambitions! Never be content with your progress, push on, harder and harder till the ultimate goal is reached. Remember, he who never failed, is he who never tried! Hire out your local community hall, spread the news at your local school or college, or even hire out a cinema! Make it happen! Think big!

9. Get political! I don't know about you, but I have found a fresh, new interest in politics! At Global-Warning, we are neither left nor right wing, we stand for truth. It is not about left and right, it is about right and wrong. Individuals in political parties can make a difference. Evil prevails when good men do nothing. Contact your local MP and express your concerns. Ask questions, expect answers! If you wish to vote, choose a party that stands for traditional British values, stands for British sovereignty, and wants to leave the European Union. Stand and be counted!

10. Get in their face! Write to your MP, write to the PM, and write to the Queen. Protest (peacefully), object, resist and speak out! Do not accept ID cards! Do not accept implantable micro chips! Live free or die!

Feel free to contact us for more information and advice.

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